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Thursday, July 19, 2012

USA - Middle Atlantic

Please leave a comment with your blog link if you wish to connect with a pet blogger in US Middle Atlantic. I will then add their link to this post.

This region includes the states of:



Catonsvillecats - Hello, I'm in the Baltimore area (southwest side). We are the cats of the Catonsville Petsmart.

North Carolina
Cats of wildcat woods - cats, western NC

One Eye on the Future - Selina and MomKatt Laura live in Reidsville, NC.

The Carolina Cats - Finny, Buddy and Jazzy live in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Triangle.

South Carolina
Truffle and Brulee   -  two Perian kitties who live in central SC.

Brian's Home - lives in Greenville and is one of Marg's buddies.

We 3 Doxies - doxies who live in Easley, SC and are friends with Marg and Brian.

Marg's Pets - We are in Anderson, S.C. and we are buddies with Brian and those three doxies and also buddies with Cheri up in Ashvile,N.C. (and Katie Isabella in TN)

Katie Isabella - one cat who lives in southeast TN, within 15 miles of Knoxville. Our email is

West Virginia


  1. North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee are considered in the Southeast.

    pee ess - we live in Central South Carolina. We are two Persian kitties.

  2. We are in Greenville SC and are Buddies with Marg from Anderson, SC

  3. I is in Easley, SC....and I is furiends woths Marg and Brian.
    But I is a doggie...hehehehe.
    Awesome site and idea to do dis.


  4. Hi!

    We are in Reidsville, NC. It was through Brian (above) that I was adopted by my MomKatt Laura!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura Carter

  5. We are in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Triangle area.

    Finny, Buddy & Jazzy

  6. Hello, I'm in the Baltimore area (southwest side). I hope this doesn't get posted twice, I'm getting confusing feedback from the site...

  7. We are in Anderson, S.C. and we are buddies with Brian and those three doxies and also buddies with Cheri up in Ashvile,N.C.

  8. We would like to be buddies with Katie Isabella too. They don't live too far from us.

  9. I am buddies with Marg and Madiodacat.

  10. I agree wif Trufle and Brûlée. SC is considered SE. Anyway, us Krasota Castle Cats would like to be part of the blogging buddies. We iz friends with Mom Paula and Marg. G of Galletta the Great would like to be included as well. so that is two bloggies for us.

    Hi we are in Virginia between Roanoke and Blacksburg


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