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Thursday, July 19, 2012

USA - Upper Midwest

Please leave a comment with your blog link if you wish to connect with a pet blogger in US Upper Midwest. I will then add their link to this post.

This region includes the states of:

Maroi's Meowsings -  Mariodacat lives in Green Bay.

MN -

Ozark Mountain Cats

Dachsies With Moxie - dogs moving to St Louis - could use some vet info

Thoughts Fur Paws  - Jaime Lynn Smith writes a blog about animal welfare stories within the US.  She resides in OH.


  1. Hi there! I would love to connect with bloggers in my region. I live in Ohio but often cover nationwide animal welfare stories and rescue issues.

    Jaime Lynn Smith

  2. There we are. We're upper midwest, Missouri that is. Hope to find some blogging neighbors. Purrz and woofs

  3. We live in Medina, OH right now but are moving to the St Louis, MO area in two weeks. Need to find a very good vet ASAP!

  4. Forgot- our blog is

  5. What a great idea.

    We are in o-hi-o

  6. We're in the Michigan Mitten by the tip of the little finger!

    thanks for doing this!

  7. Me! Me! I'm in Minnesota!! There are a couple other bloggers who live either in the burbs or close to me, too. Hope they join.

  8. I sooooooooooooooooo love this idea!!!!!! Thank you for starting this group.

    I am in SE Michigan....Farmington Hills, about 34 mi north of Detroit.....I have two blogs:

    Cat Chat

    Dakota's Den (Dakota's blog is a dog blog)


Want a pet blogging buddy? Leave a comment saying you are interested in the area you live in. Thanks for participating!