This blog was set up to give pet bloggers a way to connect with other bloggers close by in case of an emergency. Each post will cover a state or country with a list of bloggers living there. We encourage you to leave a comment if you are interested in connecting with other bloggers in your area. Also feel free to vivist the blogs of those near you to make new connections. For those of you who may be wondering who is behind this blog - it is hosted by Cats of Wildcat Woods. A big thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for our great header and badge!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to Pet Blogging Buddies

Many of you expressed an interest in connecting with other pet bloggers to exchange important information in case of an emergency. I have set this up as a central clearinghouse of those blog writers interested in finding a blog buddy.

Since we are spread out across the globe, I have broken this down into countries and then sections in each country if appropriate.  These sections are broken up by me and are not the traditional geographical areas. 

How this works
If you would like to have a pet blog buddy, scroll down until you find your country/region.  Or you can look in the archives and click on the area you want. Leave a comment at that post with your blog link, state, country and region in your country if applicable.  Please specify if you have cats, dogs or both.

I will check this daily and  add the links in the correct post to make it easier to find buddies. Some bloggers may want a buddy that lives nearby and another they feel comfortable with - do what feels right for you.

Finally, it is up to each individual blogger to contact your potential buddy.  Most blogs have a contact email address that you can use or just leave a comment on their blog that you are interested in being blog buddies.

This is not written in stone and I am open to all suggestions.  I just wanted to get something set up and going.  I will leave this up indefinitely for new bloggers to find and join.  If anyone wants to
co administrate this just let me know and we can do that too.


  1. It looks terrific, Cheri! Good job!

  2. Linda ... this is a wonderful idea! I hope it generates lots of interest and support ... although we "know" a few bloggers in our general area ... please include us just the same:
    The Zoolatry Girls,
    Maggy and Zoey and the human, Ann
    in East Central Florida
    PS if we can help "promote" this in anyway just let us know by email

  3. What a great idea and wonderful effort on your part!
    We are : the critters in the cottage
    We have both dogs (2) and cats (4) + senior foster cats (2).
    We live in British Columbia, Canada
    Look forward to meeting new people!

  4. It's an excellent idea Cheri!!!

  5. Another good feature here is that we can see which bloggers live near us ...and where some of the other bloggers live too. We are always curious to know where everyone hails from!
    We have four white cats (on Our Furry Boys)and four shelties who make an occasional appearance. We are located in Manitoba, Canada.

  6. I loved this idea, but I'm from Brazil.
    Can I join too?
    I know many users here and could suddenly have some link to South America
    Anyway, I await his return.
    Congratulations on your initiative!

  7. I am sure I am blind, but where did you hide California???? I totally want to pawticipate

  8. We tried to leave this comment before but Blogger lost it.

    Purrsonally, we think it would be better to buddy with someone outside your area, in case a natural disaster strikes. That way chances are only one of the buddies would be affected, not both. At the beginning of the month, we were without power for almost a week. If our buddy had been in the area, they probably wouldn't have had power either. More than a million homes in our area lost power. As there was no internet, neither could have let folks know the other was ok on their blog, even if they could contact each other by cell.

  9. We are very interested in this but we are in the UK and if no-one else here wanted to join that would make it difficult for us to have a buddy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Oui Oui is right. I have one in WI and one in SC.

  11. Oh and I followed the blog but blogger would only add me as WP blog. Sigh.

  12. We are interested in this very much, every buddy needs a buddy! xoxo

  13. Wonderful idea! Thanks for setting this up!


Want a pet blogging buddy? Leave a comment saying you are interested in the area you live in. Thanks for participating!